Friday, February 10, 2017

Five on Friday!

Guys.  This is my first ever Five on Friday post!  I'm equally excited and nervous to be linking up with these other lovely ladies today.  Excited because I have (somewhat) kept up on blogging since I started and nervous because I am just starting out.  This blog is definitely a work in progress and has not yet progressed to what I'm envisioning as far as design/content/photos.  It'll get there--I promise!   Any feedback or advice is much appreciated!!   Let's jump right into it!
{one}  Show of hands, does anyone watch This Is Us??  By far my favorite new show this year!  I love the drama, the emotions, the humor!  It's so well written and I can't wait until Tuesday night every week!  Love!!!

{two}  If you have been following along or follow on Instagram, then you'll probably know that we want to update some elements in our kitchen. Occasionally during my lunch break at work, I'll go down to Lowe's and browse for ideas #nerdalert  Anyways, I'm pretty sure I have a kitchen sink set in my mind!  I think we will go with black, but I'm not sure what color faucet to pair it with.  Does anyone have a sink like this?  Pros/cons?

{three}  I found a keyboard case for my Kindle!  It will be so nice to use instead of trying to type things on my phone or trying to get time to use our desktop computer.  I used to have a laptop that I loved, but it stopped charging and the screen started coming apart from the keyboard--I didn't even know that could happen!  I haven't found a laptop that I love yet that's in my budget, so I'll just have to keep browsing.  

{four}  I was looking for some recipes on Pinterest the other day and found a delicious sounding drink that would be perfect for Valentine's Day!   Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats!  It's basically raspberry sherbet or sorbet with Pink Champagne poured over the top.  Use a fun glass and maybe a red or pink straw and this would be great for a party!  

{five}  Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt!   I've never been a big fan of Greek Yogurt (it's a texture thing), but I just discovered these yogurts at Kroger a few weeks ago.  I've only tried the S'mores flavor so far, but I'm totally hooked!  It's so delicious and I like to think it's pretty healthy!  :) I even found a store brand of it, but I haven't tried that one yet.... 

Hope you enjoyed reading today!  Let's pray I can come up with something interesting next Friday too!   
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