Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kitchen Makeover: The Before

Let's talk makeovers, shall we?  

I've been posting quite a few kitchen ideas on my Instagram page for awhile now, mainly inspired by Pinterest.  I figured I'd show you all the palette we are working with.  Our house was built in the 70's and we've owned it for almost six years now!  I totally loved my kitchen when we first bought our house, but our needs and tastes have changed as we've lived here for a few years and we have kids now.  Mostly, I want to add a dishwasher cause it would be awesome not to have to scrub all the teeny tiny crevices that someone thought it would be good to put in baby bottles and toddler cups.  Sigh.  Anyways, I thought I'd show you what we currently have and what I want to change about the spaces. You will have to let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for me!  

Brace yourselves for these pictures--our kitchen is kind of a mess and frankly, not the most pleasing to look at.  
Overall view:  It's a good space, but definitely needs some updating!  
We need to decide how we want the final layout to be.  I can't decide where I want the stove/fridge/potential pantry.  I keep seeing ideas on Pinterest for a corner pantry, but I'm not sure if that's practical or not?
We desperately need to fix this part of the kitchen...the bottom of this cabinet almost looks rotted out which is weird since there isn't any water standing at the bottom.  I'd love to replace the sink also--this one is only 6-7 inches deep.  I'm leaning towards an under mount sink, preferably in black granite or stainless steel, and at least 9 inches deep.  I'd like some sort of faucet with a pull down sprayer.  We currently have a garbage disposal, so I hope it'll transfer easily to a new sink.  It also looks like the backsplash is starting to come apart from the wall, which in turn is making the walls right above them get cracks.  
This cabinet and the one on the bottom both have a lazy Susan inside.  I can't explain it, but I really don't like the Lazy Susan concept.  I'd rather have a blind corner cabinet or come up with something creative to do in the corners.  Also, I'd like to add some under cabinet lighting, which would be great for cooking and baking, or even as a nightlight type of thing.  
Projects for this section:  Maybe a shelf for the microwave or decide if we want one over the stove.  I honestly have no idea if our exhaust fan is vented outside, but I'd like to get a new vent hood also.  
Ok, what was the deal with the trend of white floors and white counters? Don't get me wrong, white could work in the right combinations, but these floors and counters are terribly colored.  When you sweep or mop or basically do anything with the floor, it just gets dirty like half an hour later.  The counters are sturdy and good quality, but I hate the fact that they're white.  I'm thinking something with a little more "pattern" vs just a solid color.  

My ultimate plan ideas are to darken the cabinets, paint the walls a new color, replace the countertops and floors, install a dishwasher, and possibly extend the cabinets and countertop down to create a bar area.  I'd love to add a cool backsplash, but I haven't found anything yet that just says yes.  So that might be a different project down the road.  Hopefully we can get a good chunk of time this year to just tackle it and be done, because I know it's going to be a process.  
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, feel free to throw them my way!  
Until next time,

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