Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!   It has been a glorious weather weekend for February!  I'd totally be ok if this was the lowest temperature it would get all year!  It's been so nice out!  #idontbelonginohio 
Since today was a federal holiday, I had the day off, but I also took a personal day on Friday and made it a four day weekend--which was an excellent idea!   Friday, Austin was off too, so we all spent the day together.  We ate lunch at a local diner and spent an hour or so at the Hayes Presidential Center.  We are so lucky to have this nearby; it's almost just like going to the park!   Saturday we just hung out and Austin and I went to church and we made some excellent baked spaghetti for dinner!  Sunday was another hanging out day while Austin worked and then we took my parents out for pizza at a local restaurant-seriously some of the best pizza ever!   Today I finally started working on our taxes (fun, fun!) and my mom and I took a walk around the block!  It was a fun weekend!   I'm glad we took advantage of the nice weather cause our next holiday off isn't until Memorial Day.  That seems so far away!  
I hope all of you had wonderful weekends as well.  I suppose it's time to get back to the grind tomorrow and go back to work. Have a great week!
Until next time,

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