Friday, March 17, 2017

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, Friends!   I'm glad it's almost the weekend, because it's been a long, cold week.  Winter decided to show up in Ohio now that we're a few days out from Spring. {insert eye roll}.  Anyways, not a lot has been going on around here, so today's Five on Friday is really grabbing at straws....
One:  I'm looking to spruce up the decor in my living room.  The walls are pretty bare, but I'm terrible at putting things together style-wise.  We are thinking about replacing the beautiful burgundy carpet and using a laminate floor with an area rug or neutral colored carpet.  Our walls are currently a beige color since the carpet was colored.  I've been browsing on Pinterest for new wall colors and decor.  I came across these neat shelves, but I'm not having luck finding a set of three--it might be a DIY project!  
•Two:  Anyone have any surefire tips for potty training?  I think our two year old is ready, but we have to actually get down to it.  She got a potty book for her birthday back in the summer and she likes the Daniel Tiger episode where they go potty.  My husband is off work today and I have the weekend off, so I figure it's a perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling!  
Three:  I'm still trying to figure out my style for our kitchen update, but I've found some bar stools that I think would look great if we end up doing a bar!  I like that they're simple and affordable!  Target for the win!  It's the Carlisle Backed Steel Stool--I think I like the Antique Brown color the most.  
Four:  Old Navy had an excellent sale this week, with 40% off lots of items.  I ordered new swimsuits for the kids and a few things for myself.  I'm super excited for these Pixie Chinos that I ordered in the Cerulean blue color!   I'm not quite sure what top I'll pair with them, but they were too fun to pass up!  
Five:  I'm looking for a lightweight jacket to wear when it's chilly, but not winter-esque. I like the looks of the utility jackets I've seen  in the stores!  My current coat looks too much like a windbreaker, so I'm looking for something a little more stylish.  I'm not sure what color I want--maybe olive green or a dark red?  Who's got cute coats for a good deal??  Let me know!   
Thanks for playing along today, friends! Hopefully something exciting will happen this week so next week's Five on Friday will be a little more interesting!   
Until next time,
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