Sunday, May 28, 2017

Front Door & Porch Inspiration

Happy Sunday, friends!    I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend!    Let's all make sure we all remember and honor those who have laid down their lives for our country this Memorial Day weekend.

So I'm looking for some ideas for my front stoop, front door, and also my shutters.   Right now, it's pretty neutral, so I'm looking to add some new color and spice it up a little!    Here's what we're currently working with:    
Rug from Target- HelloGoodbye

I would love love love to add a front porch, but it's not super high on our priority list right now, and not really in the budget.   I figured I'd paint the shutters a different color (and also the front door!), and maybe change out the lights on either side of the door.   The lady that lived here before us used to have her house number next to the front door, so I'm planning to add that back in as well.   

I'm leaning toward a nice navy blue, or maybe a shade of blue between navy and royal blue.  I'd like the front door to also match the shutters.   

I love this blue-gray color!

Here's more of the Royal Blue!

I found a couple of DIY house numbers projects on Pinterest--I really love this style of number, but I can't decide if I like the black or silver numbers more!   What do you all think?   I suppose it would also depend on what color the background is stained also.

Modern House Number Design--Black 
Modern House Number Design--Silver

I haven't gotten too much into the porch lights yet, but I'm kind of digging this style from Home Depot!

Let me know what you think of the shades of blue and which color house numbers I should use!   I'm so excited to tackle this DIY project!  Can't wait to hear your feedback!

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