Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sunday Funday at Lake Erie!

Happy Hump Day, Friends!  We've been getting things around for my sister's garage sale this weekend, so blogging has taken the back burner unfortunately.   We had a super fun Sunday spent up at Lake Erie!    We stopped at the Marblehead Lighthouse first, and it is one of my favorite places to go, EVER!   It started my love of lighthouses, I had some senior pictures taken there, and my husband and I were actually engaged there!  You do have the option to climb the lighthouse, but we skipped that because the kids were with us.  They really enjoyed climbing on the rocks, jumping in the puddles, and watching the boats and jet skis out on the lake!

After we were done at the lighthouse, we drove over the causeway to Johnson's Island.  Back in the civil war days, it actually housed prisoners, and they do have a cemetery on the island for Confederate soldiers.   The island now has quite a few beautiful homes on it, and I believe people use them as their summer getaways.  We checked out the cemetery and then drove around the island and looked at the houses.

We still had plenty of time left in the afternoon, so we drove over to the Ottawa Wildlife Refuge/Magee Marsh.   It has a really cool boardwalk where people go to watch birds.   There used to be a really nice beach where you could have cookouts or bring a picnic, but for some reason the beach is closed and they let everything grow up around it.   We walked part of the boardwalk and saw some birds and a creepy snake!  The kids had fun running around and climbing the stairs to the observatory!  

We definitely plan to take some more trips to the lighthouse and wildlife refuge later this summer!   It was such a fun day, and fun to get out of the house!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!  If you're ever in Northwest Ohio, you'll have to come check out all of these places!

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