Saturday, June 10, 2017

Target Beauty Box: April & May

Since my June Beauty Box is being shipped soon, I figured I'd share the April & May boxes on one post!  I'm totally slacking!

I always get the emails from Target advertising the Beauty Box.   It seems to be similar to some of the other subscription boxes you can find, but you purchase this month-by-month.   The April box was $7, and the box for May was $10.   I'm not sure if that depends on what brands are in it, or how many things you receive in the box?    Back to being a slacker, I haven't even tried everything in these boxes yet, so I'll just tell you about the ones I did try.

April Beauty Box: Pure & Simple

I need to invest in a different white background haha

Juice Organics Volumizing Shampoo & Juice Organics Volumizing Conditioner:   This stuff smells SO GOOD.  But I'm not sure if I didn't use enough of it, or too much, or whatever, because my hair did not feel clean after using it.   As I've mentioned before, my hair is super thick, so I definitely disregard the dime size amount of shampoo and conditioner for my hair.  I think I need to try it again.

Burt's Bees White Tea Extract Facial Cleansing Towelettes:    I loved these!   They made my skin feel clean and refreshed, AND they removed all the makeup from my face!   They're pretty inexpensive and you can take them anywhere!

Hello Extra Whitening Pure Mint Fluoride Toothpaste:     This was also a great product!   It made my teeth feel clean, and had a fresh, minty taste.   I also liked that there were no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives.   I ran out before I noticed any drastic whitening, but I'm planning to buy some more to see how it works!

Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Mud Mask/Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Paper Mask:   As you may have noticed in the picture, some of the products look "dirty?"   My two toddlers got into this box, opened the mud mask, and smeared it on everything.  *facepalm*  Anyways, since Target is far away from my house, I actually went to Wal-Mart to get another mask.  They unfortunately didn't have the mud mask, so I picked up the paper mask.   I was very intrigued to try this one, because I have the charcoal bar from Beauty Counter, and it seems that charcoal is all the rage today!

Acure Pore Clarifying Red Clay Scrub:    I have mixed feelings about this one....But it's fun to apply, because it makes you look like a character from a horror film!    I thought it exfoliated well and left my skin feeling smooth, but I could not get over the smell!   Maybe it's just me, but I thought it smelled terrible.  I suppose if you only use it once a week or so, it wouldn't be too bad, but I wouldn't be able to use it everyday.

Raw Sugar Lemon Sugar Body Wash:   Give me all the lemon scents!   This was probably my favorite product in the April Beauty Box!   Lemon fresh scent, and I feel it cleaned well.  It lathered up nice and didn't leave any residue on my skin.  When my current bottle of body wash is out, I'm really considering getting this one!

May Beauty Box:  Renewal

Nexxus Shampoo & Conditioner:    This was probably my favorite sample in the May Beauty Box!   This smelled so good, and kept my hair silky and smooth!   I don't normally have dry hair, but I thought this worked well and didn't leave my hair feeling oily or anything.   

Nubian Heritage Bath Bombs:    I have to admit, I don't take many baths.   But I've seen bath bombs from friends Facebook and Instagram, and I wanted to try this out. It made my skin feel super soft, and it had a refreshing smell to it!   I can't wait to use the rest!

Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lipstick:   Where to begin? I thought this was very easy to apply, made my lips look good, didn't dry them out, and is long lasting (because it took a TON of scrubbing to get off).  The color I was sent, however, was a little too bright for me, and reminded me of Barbie Pink.  Some people could definitely pull it off, but it just wasn't my style.  I'm definitely going to check out the other colors though!

Nexxus New York Rejuvenating Masque:    I usually only wash my hair every other day, and occasionally every three days, or it'll get too oily.   I was excited to receive this in my Beauty Box because I'd like to start doing a hair mask about once a week, especially since summer is here and we will probably be swimming!  I'm hoping it'll keep the chlorine chemicals at bay!

There was also a sample of the Guess Dare fragrance for women, but for the life of me, I couldn't find it on the Target website.   I thought it was a very nice scent--floral and fruit, but not overpowering.  A light summery scent!

Have any of you tried out the above products?   Or have anything similar to recommend?   I really want to start doing the hair masks weekly, but I don't know what other options are available!   Let me know!

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