Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Shoes & Bags

If there's anything in my closet that I own more than one of, it's definitely shoes and bags!   I'm a sucker for a cute pair of shoes, and even will buy some in multiple colors!    

This fall season, I've been really into the colors navy, gold, burgundy, and gray, and I think my wish list will definitely reflect some of that!

Gray Wedges--Maurice's

Burgundy Cross Body Bag--Old Navy

Steve Madden Mules--Amazon

Candice Reversible Tote--Charming Charlie

Kathrina Boot--Nordstrom

Plum Ballet Flats--Loft

Black Ruffle Flats--Target

Rose Gold Wristlet--TJ Maxx

What colors are you loving this fall?    What kinds of accessories do you have your eye on?     Drop a comment and let me know!     Now, back to planning some fall activities and sipping my pumpkin spice coffee!   #basic   :)   

Until next time,


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