Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Ramblings: Starting a Small Business

I need advice.

I'd say I lead a fairly busy life, working full-time and having two kids.   But there's a sort of a longing, or nagging, if you will, to do something to let my explore my creativity.   What I'd really love to do is invest in a Cricut machine or something similar, and make some nice banners and other party decor.   

Look at all these gorgeous colors from Paper & More!!

I'm not sure if it's easier to sell through Etsy or set up your own website, or what.   Obviously I have a lot of research to do, but this idea keeps coming back around often enough that I'm really considering it.   I definitely don't want to copy off of other people, but I know there are currently a lot of people on Etsy who are selling the same types of products.   I'd have to create my own style and be able to say, "Hey, this is what sets me apart from everyone else!"    Is there a big demand for this type of product, or would I just be wasting my time?

And then I have to consider all the logistics of opening a small business, such as marketing, shipping, accounting, having supplies on hand, etc.....and sometimes I get overwhelmed by it.    But still, the idea keeps coming back.

I know I have a lot to think about regarding this idea.....can anyone give me any insight into starting a business (especially if you also work full-time)?    Or why you wouldn't do it anymore?

Thanks for all of your input!


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