About Me

Welcome to The Small Town Rose!

I'm Chelsey, a thirty-something wife and mom, born and raised in Northwest Ohio.  I love coffee, flip-flops, popcorn, baking, Netflixing, Pinteresting, traveling, party planning, and dreaming of ideas to redecorate our house.

Austin and I were married in November 2011.  Our daughter Harper was born in August 2014, and our son Dominic followed right behind in August 2015!   Having two toddlers definitely has its challenges, but they're so much fun!

I started this blog in early 2017, because I had been following other blogs for quite awhile and thought it would be a good creative outlet for myself.  I can't wait to really dive into the blogging world and hopefully make some new friends!

Come along for the ride!!  :)

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